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Gas Safe
Reg. No. 227477


If your condensing boiler stops working in cold weather your condensate pipe could be frozen

  • To check go to outlet pipe (normally white pipe) at drain
  • Feel end of pipe, if ice blocking end remove as much as possible
  • Pour hot water over pipe and outlet and repeat until water flows from boiler
  • Reset boiler
  • Keep an eye on it so it doesn't freeze again

If you have run out of gas

  • Get a top up
  • With boiler off:
    • Add top up
    • Reset meter using yellow instruction label on front of meter

    • Reset regulator (if applicable - above meter)
    • Reset boiler

How to bleed your radiators - if your radiators are cold at the top and hot at the bottom when your heating is on

  • To bleed turn heating off
  • Undo bleed valve slightly until air starts coming out (if no air after one turn it may be blocked and you will require a call out)


  • Once water starts to come out close bleed and be careful not to over tighten
  • Check boiler pressure on boiler, if applicable and top up as per low system pressure below

Low system pressure?

System pressure should be around 1-1.5 bar when cold.


To top up:

  • Locate fill loop (normally has a silver flexible hose)
  • Slowly open fill valve (a plastic thumb tap)


  • If 2 taps (one at each end) open one fully and second one slowly
  • Watch needle on pressure gauge rise and once on 1-1.5 bar close tap(s)


If you are unsure of carrying out any of the above instructions please give us a call and we will arrange a call out.

DEGAS accept no liability for any damage or harm caused whilst following these instructions.
If in doubt - call us out!

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